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- Praise -


Carmen and I are already for 14 years in a relationship, we know each other already a long time. In December 2015, I finally asked Carmen to be my wife.
The place for the wedding was for both very clear, it should definitely be in the beautiful landscape of Croatia. It was always a big dream to get married on a beach in Croatia. It should be a very small wedding, only with our 5 best friends, no family, no other guests. We wanted to keep it as small as possible. Because we did not know how to get married in Croatia, we found the most talented wedding planer Ms. Anita Blaic from Vertigo Events to help us. She also advised the perfect place to get married in Hvar.  We know quite a lot of places in Croatia and of course we heard about Hvar, but never visited this island before. Hvar is the most beautiful place in Croatia we have ever seen. So Carmen and I got married on the 7th of July 2016 on a small beach some 15minute boat ride from the city of Hvar. This was the best day in our entire life, no one can ever imagine this feeling. Anita arranged everything so well and we also organised a guy with 2 big cameras to take pictures, this guy was Nolte. We never had that much fun taking pictures before and he’s a very nice guy, he got us smiling very easily. We will come back !!!

- Klaas & Carmen-

Viss sākās ar ideju par mazām, klusām kāzām divatā kāda skaistā vietā kalnos ar skatu uz jūru. Tieši tādu vietu mēs atradām Horvātijā, Hvar salas pašā augstākajā vietā Svētā Nikola virsotnē, no kuras paveras brīnišķīgs skats uz klinšaino un mazliet mežonīgo salu, projām no pilsētas burzmas, trokšņa un liekiem acu skatieniem.
Kad izstāstījām savu ideju Anitai, viņa palīdzēja realizēt mūsu sapni un darīja visu iespējamo, lai mūsu kāzu diena būtu neaizmirstama, un mēs varētu pilnībā izbaudīt mūsu īpašo dienu, neuztraucoties par organizatorisko pusi. Pēc kāzām turpinājām apceļot gan Hvar salu, gan Horvātijas skaistākās vietas. Mūs pārsteidza gan salas krāšņums, gan cilvēku viesmīlība, visur kur devāmies mūs uzņēma ļoti sirsnīgi.
Hvaras sala mums palikusi atmiņā kā ļoti īpaša vieta, kur mēs noteikti gribam atgriezties.
Sirsnīgs paldies Anitai par to, ka padarīja mūsu dienu neaizmirstamu!

- Karina & Linards-

Dear Anita & Zeljko,
Life always happens for a reason, we met you by chance and you will forever be in our lives. You enabled us to have the most spectacular week of our lives. Our wedding night was pure magic, no words can express our deep gratitude and thanks. You are both truly “one of a kind”, so gifted and talented, you inspire us so much.
You are friends we would walk on water for, we will always have your back. We hope to one day have you in either NY or Australia. We look forward to returning to Hvar next year and many more years to come.
Our motto for our week was “Life is simply better together”, how true is this!
Much love from new Mr + Mrs Stone!

- Alex & Nick-

Draga Anita,
7th July will always be the most wonderful day in our lives and we would like to thank you with all our hearts that you made this dream come true. Only with your help, care, devotion, love of detail, accuracy, your happy nature, lots of patience and always a smile on your face, was it possible that everything worked out perfectly.
We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect setting, venue, church, food, weather and had such a great time during our stay in the beautiful and breathtaking Hvar!
We will always cherish the memories of our wedding day for the rest of our lives! Hvala za sve!

- Nina & Dalibor-