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- Journal -


Being an old school, my Dad said long ago that I can do anything, but that wedding planning is not a proper job. That sentence made me laugh at the time, and I still remember it here and there. When my friends don’t want to have a coffee with me because they know my phone won’t stop ringing, or when I have a meet & greet day, followed by boat day, followed by wedding day, followed by after wedding day. And then again in similar order.

The day before this wedding was a huge success. All logistics worked like a clock and late in the afternoon, we sailed out to watch the sunset; and dine & dance under the stars.
Sometime around midnight, the couple’s friend who was to officiate the ceremony, suggested that it would be nice if an additional page was printed in red font, and added to the already finished and hand tied order of service.
I had no heart to say no, the whole planning journey with this couple was so enjoyable, and it was less than a day to their wedding ceremony. Thankfully, I borrowed a colour printer and 220g paper, and at 2am, myself and Zeljko sat down to get the work done. By 4:30am, all 150 orders of service were ready.

Two hours later, at 6:30am, we woke up to make sure all flowers, tables and chairs were on the pier, ready to be moved to the islet where the wedding was to take place. At the same time, restaurant crew was taking care of food and beverage supplies.
You can tell on the video we’re working on autopilot at first and no one is saying nothing 🙂 but that changed in a bit. We managed to sneak a coffee and it was sunny with a little breeze, what more could anyone wish for soon to be the most perfect wedding day?

Of course, Dad changed his mind after a while, but even if he and the whole world didn’t, I would not have it any different.

Thank you to Deneemotion for filming behind the scene footage, it’s always a beautiful reminder & inspiration, and it brings back happy memories with Vincent & Theresa!