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your Hvar wedding planner

Back in 2006, when I started planning destination weddings in Croatia, my country wasn’t quite a destination wedding landmark.
I returned home with three years of experience in organising events abroad in very exotic and less exotic places. With high expectations and standards, and crystal clear vision of what Croatia could become and offer to those who gave it a chance.
I was an alien on my own playground, demanding from vendors conditions and standards I learnt elsewhere. Booking weddings sometimes two years in advance, sometimes on a very short notice. I travelled around scouting locations and introducing ideas to curious owners and managers, explaining what it means for couples, to fly their guests and celebrate such important day in Croatia, so far away from home, and how important it was to make them feel taken care of.
I travelled the world and I just knew that lots of couples would fall in love with Croatia, because it’s truly unique. If only somebody made the legal part and logistics  sound not so difficult.
In January 2006, a week after I uploaded my first tiny website, Steve & Julia from the UK found me and booked me as their wedding planner. Others followed shortly and so it started.


10 years forward, Croatia as a wedding destination is in the completely different place. Interest has grown 500%, there’s so many more amazing venues we can offer, extremely competent vendors to contribute to your day, and testimonials and memories no one can beat.
Myself and my team are now preferred wedding planners of many superb venues, and in return, we are very proud to work with them. I believe in feedback from my clients and I don’t work with any vendor or any venue that has a space to hold a wedding. I believe you deserve the best and so do your guests.

I don’t practice to impose my style and will to the bride and groom, I prefer to advise, guide, inspire and most importantly to do the behind the scene work involved with making your wish into reality.
I’ll encourage you to be central to the design process; find photos (in our portfolio, in magazines, on Pinterest, blogs) that have elements you like, and then we’ll together blend those into an idea that will develop into a real wedding day. I’ll recommend vendors that are in my opinion best suited to execute your vision, but the final choice will be yours.
I can’t help decide who is going to sit next to whom, but for everything before, after and in-between, you can lean on me.

I organized weddings all over Croatia, but I’m particularly proud of putting Hvar on the wedding map and introducing Sv. Marak and many local restaurants to the thousands of guests and Slavic brides from all over the world. I truly believe Hvar is that one place where without much effort, everyone can experience the best Croatia has to offer, the old, the new, the cleanest sea, the best food and wine…. The unforgettable memories.
Because I’m very lucky (and because of lots of hard work), Hvar is now my base and I would be very happy to hear from you if you plan celebrating your wedding on the island.
Thank you for visiting!



Once upon a time, before I became a wedding planner, I…

worked in peacekeeping missions in Croatia and East Timor

My favorite travel destinations are…

Austria for the mountains, and The Philippines for the friendly people, food and relaxation

When I have a few free hours I will…

Jet-ski around island, swim and enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach

If I was not a wedding planner, I would be…

interior designer and 3D visualizer

I don’t like half job or taking over, instead I…

Enjoy starting from nothing and bringing it to life!