FIRST CONTACT: Hello, we are Jacqui & Glenn from the USA. We are recently engaged, and trying to plan a rather quick elopement for this coming July. We were fortunate to spend some time in Croatia last summer, and we absolutely fell in love with the town and the people of Hvar, so we have our hearts set on getting married there, but we know how short the timeline is at this point. It’s extremely important to us both that we have a civil ceremony, not just a symbolic one, though we know with all the paperwork and with the language barrier, we’ll need a bit of help. We are eager to make this happen, and are hoping you might be able to work with us! “


We did not know at the time that this couple will make us fall head over heels with their story and their zest for life, kindness and all that is good in this world. Their wedding was full of so many heartfelt moments which made it truly unforgettable. 


 Photos by Lifestories

MEMORIES: Bride’s sister posted a card with handwritten note, which made it to the wedding planner’s address just as she was to leave for the ceremony. Realizing she won’t be able to secretly place it in their room, she took the card and handed it out to the newlywed couple as they stood under the tree, right after they were pronounced husband and wife.