Tommy, Audrey and their maid of honor Iva, traveled to Croatia a year before the wedding, to scout wedding planners and venues along the coast. They were referred by friends whose wedding I organized, it took us all of 2 minutes to click and their priorities were mirroring my thoughts. I could tell that they really loved Hvar, but they had yet to see Cavtat…

Fast forward to the 1st of July next year and 300 emails later, I knocked on their door carrying bouquets, followed by makeup & hair team. Happy chatter was everywhere and excitement in the air was almost tangible!


Photos by One Day Studio

TRADITIONS: It’s custom in Croatia to gather the guests before ceremony, to enjoy drinks, food and music. For this part of the day, we booked DiVino restaurant, where atmosphere was warmed up by the talented musicians, whose live performance kept everyone singing and dancing.

LAST CHANCE TO KEEP HER: If you’ve ever attended a Croatian wedding, you will know that a proud father won’t readily give away his daughter, and will try to sneak in a stunt double instead. It’s then up to the best man to negotiate a deal on behalf of the Groom. Accept, or pay some for peace in house – and quickly demand an alternative.