As soon as they saw the fortress, they knew they wanted to get celebrate there and nowhere else. Their wish was to take guests out of their everyday routine, and they wanted to incorporate as many local elements as possible into their celebration. Since they wanted go off the beaten path and away from Hvar’s usual ceremony venues, we explored some more until they walked into romantic courtyard belonging to the magnificent Franciscan monastery, built in 1461. This venue felt perfect from the moment they stepped inside, especially when they saw its secluded garden, dominated by the 300 years old cypress tree – a perfect spot to enjoy welcome drinks, canapés and music after ceremony. 


Photos by One Day Studio

MEMORIES: “Meanwhile, wind was getting stronger and many weddings held in Hvar that day were threatened by its force. Fellow wedding planners phoned to say their floral arches were knocked down and chairs thrown around. While we were protected during our ceremony, I knew we’d be in trouble if the same happened to us on the fort. With a heavy heart, I phoned my catering manager and asked him to remove all lightweight props and taller bits of our beautiful centrepieces, which took hours to arrange.

Gales even seemed to calm down, until the very moment we arrived to the venue, with 90 guests in tow. As we walked down the stairs, chairs and tables started moving like feather. Everyone jumped to keep them in place, staff looking terrified and guests laughing in excitement…”